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PharmaCore Biotech obtains a two-year government grants of“Pharmaceutical Industry Upgrading Program” from IDB in 2018 supporting the development of Bortezomib project.
(IDB: Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs)


Virginia Contract Research Organization Co., Ltd. signed the Cooperative Agreement with PharmaCore Biotech Co., Ltd. on Nov-02-2017, integrating CRO services and CMO services. This groundbreaking cooperation will shorten the timeline of the product development, IND filing and clinical trials! It will provide the high efficiency of integrated services that give sponsors the direct access to IND filing and the high success rate of new drug development!


PharmaCore Biotech have signed a formal contract with OBI Pharma and accepts the commission about establishing factories exclusive for Botulinum and manufacturing OBI-858.News link


Congratulation!! TFDA granted PharmaCore Biotech the PIC/S GMP certification of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient—Sulfamethoxazole Sodium.


Congratulation!! TFDA granted PharmaCore Biotech the PIC/S GMP certification of Sterile Oncology Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient—Cyclophosphamide (sterile bulk)


Congratulation!! TFDA granted PharmaCore Biotech the PIC/S GMP certification of Sterile Injection Plant for lyophilized products.


Congratulation!! TFDA granted PharmaCore Biotech PIC/S GDP certification of storage, supply and export (cold-chain products are all included).


Company history

Integrate CRO services and CMO services, and upgrade supporting technology service platform of new drug development.


Activate an Establishment of Sterile Injection Plant (P6).


Establish Synthetic API Plant (P5).


Obtain two TFDA PIC/S GMP certifications (P1 & P3).


Obtain the TFDA PIC/S GDP certification.


Obtain one TFDA PIC/S GMP certification (P2).


Establish Sterile Injection Plant for Oncology Products (P4).


Establish Sterile Synthetic API Plant for Oncology Products (P3).


Start several researching/manufacturing projects for our own products, including oncology and high profit return products.


Start to provide CRO/CMO services.


Establish Synthetic API Plant (P1) and Sterile Injection Plant (P2).


Found PharmaCore Biotech Co., Ltd.



  PharmaCore Biotech Co., Ltd. is founded in 2015 and have a strong team full of professionals who have decades of experiences involving API and drug product development, aseptic operation, and cGMP quality system. PharmaCore is built to become one of the few manufacturers in the world that are capable of both API and sterile drug product manufacture in compliance with PIC/S GMP based on principles of profession and integrity. PharmaCore aims to contribute to the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry; support and expedite new drug development; achieve reasonable drug prices, improve patient life quality, provide better healthcare by providing world-class and highly competitive products and technical services. By doing so, PharmaCore Biotech not only fulfills the corporate social responsibility but also create great value for our employees, shareholders and the whole biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry.

PharmaCore Advantage

1.Business model
  PharmaCore is engaged in development and production (commercial-scale) of niche APIs and sterile drug products with high technical barriers. Services include development and production of commercial-scale private-brand products, and contract manufacturing of drug carriers, intermediates, APIs, and drug products. Throughout the multi-directions practicing of above items, the company competitiveness is steadily growing, and thus, the operational risk can be obviously minimized. The perpetual operation goal can be achieved.
* Private-brand product : utilize the double A strategy to strategically develop high profit products.
* Customized CRO/CMO services : provide extensive and integrated services for contract manufacturing of new drug, API for generic drug (sterile or non-sterile) or sterile drug products. Services contain synthetic pathways and/or manufacturing process development, commercial-scale manufacturing process development and optimization, analytic method establishment, regulation consultation regarding PIC/S GMP and assistance in medicinal product registration.
In addition, CRO/CMO services for new drug/generic drug are beneficial for establishing long-term cooperative relationship with wide customers and expanding short-term/long-term customer bases. Meanwhile, it also help us build up sales networks of our own products and these relationships can be further developed to strategic alliances, which stabilize the company operation and strengthen the global market position of PharmaCore Biotech.

  One of the few manufacturers in the world that are capable of both sterile API and sterile lyophilized drug product manufacture. One of the few companies in the world that can provide customized API and drug product services (New drug/generic drug). Multifunctional API and sterile drug product facilities; whole operation in the isolator under Grade A area; new drug/generic drug manufacture platform to meet diverse needs.